My Favorite Walt Disney World Coffee Mug Types

I love Disney souvenirs. Of all kinds. Hence being the Souvenir Gal. I always tell myself I don’t need to buy anything else from Disney, yet they continue to have new things each trip that I find myself drawn to. As a way of introduction, I want to share with you my most favorite Disney souvenir category: the Disney coffee mug. I don’t know what it is about them, but I just can’t help myself.

I love coffee, and I love coffee mugs of all types (Disney or not truthfully). I have two cabinets full of them and try to tell myself that I don’t need any more, but I find myself drawn over and over again to the creativity the Disney merchandise people continue to bring to this classic piece of kitchenware. They have truly turned it into an art form and have varieties for everyone’s favorite character, movie, ride, Walt Disney World Resort hotel, park, and so on. I’ve got mugs that run the spectrum from Cinderella Castle to Boba Fett.

Because I couldn’t possibly pick just a few individual mugs, here are some of my favorite mug types from Disney. Some are old favorites that they no longer sell and some are continually updated so that I continue to buy more!

Cinderella’s Castle Mugs

Cinderella Castle Mugs from Walt Disney World

Let’s be real. Cinderella’s Castle is the best sight to see on Walt Disney World property. It’s the highlight of my trip every time and I just love it and can’t get enough of it. In my opinion, Disney doesn’t have great castle mugs all the time, but the great ones are extra great. These castle mugs come in all sizes and sometimes crazy shapes. Some are realistic while others are more of a representation of the castle. Others attempt to use different pieces of the castle to build the base or the handle of the mug.

Body Parts Pants Mugs

Disney Body Parts Mug Back

I don’t really know a better way to describe these mugs except that they are the lower half of a character including their clothing and legs as identifiers. I think it’s technically called a “Body Parts Pants” mug, but I like butt mug better. I’ve seen Mickey, Minnie, and Donald but there could be more. These mugs are just hilarious to me. I own Mickey and Donald, and I love them. They seem to be pretty popular because they’ve been selling them for years. The Mickey one has a tail drawn on the back and the Donald one actually has a duck tale (get it?) sticking out the back! The feet at the bottom are hilarious.

Princess Castle Mugs

Sleeping Beauty Castle Mug

A few years back, Disney had these great mugs that were specific to each princess in their dress color and the image on the front as well as being shaped like a part of a castle. I, of course, have the Sleeping Beauty one and my mother has the Beauty and the Beast one. I just love that these are for the princesses but are more for adults in the styling. They also give a brief version of the princess story on the back!

Round Mugs

Walt Disney World Round Mugs

Round? Really? Yes! It’s amazing what creativity can go into a round ball shape. The people at Disney have really taken round mugs and turned them into something special. And, it makes you see how many characters are created out of this basic shape. With this single shape, you can represent Jack Skellington, Mike Wazowski, Stitch, Baymax and so on. To me, Jack Skellington’s head is so perfectly round – these mugs are just so visually appealing. The shape has also been used in mugs that look like Spaceship Earth, the Death Star, a dripping poisoned apple, and Christmas ornaments! The uses for this shape go on and on.

Special Event Mugs
Disney is the king of creating merchandise for special events that you’ll want to buy outside of your regular haul. These items are usually specific to the event in styling and may have the date on it depending on how specific the event is.

Walt Disney World Holiday Mugs

Almost all of my Christmas mugs come from Disney World. I have a couple from Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, one with the castle on it from 2007 during my College Program, and one representing the Holidays Around the World at Epcot.

Walt Disney World Special Events (Food and Wine Festival and Wishes) Mugs

I also have a couple of mugs from the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival over the years. This is my favorite thing that Disney does and I love getting the signature item from it each year. When that happens to be a coffee mug, it’s even better! I was also stoked to pick up a memento when Wishes went away to commemorate the occasion. I made a special trip to see it one more time, and this was the perfect souvenir for me to take home from this.

That’s just the tip of the coffee mug iceberg so to speak – there are many more favorites but not enough room! I’ll be back with more souvenir fun in the future!

What’s your most favorite type of Disney souvenir and/or coffee mug? Please leave a comment below!

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