Halloween Goodies at Walt Disney World and Disneyland

You may be surprised to find out that Walt Disney World is a great place to go for those who love Halloween. In fact, Halloween decorations hit the streets of the Magic Kingdom in mid to late August with Halloween parties kicking off around that time as well. The Halloween season is put on full display at Walt Disney World in the decorations and, of course, the merchandise. Whether you go for a villain, such as Maleficent or the Evil Queen, or are partial to Jack Skellington and the “Nightmare Before Christmas” gang, there’s something for every Halloween lover to enjoy.

This year’s Halloween souvenirs are continuing the recent trends of Minnie Mouse ears, spirit jerseys and Loungefly backpacks, which has really, really taken off in recent months. One of the backpacks is a full-on Mickey Mouse pumpkin while the other is decked out black sequins and Halloween-colored trimming – so choose your favorite!

Photo from DisneyParksBlog

The Mickey Mouse Club merchandise is also getting a Halloween makeover: a glow-in-the-dark Halloween necklace featuring pumpkins in the shape of Mickey and delicious treats! And the tried and true, Mickey and Minnie-inspired jack o’lanterns are again available for your trick or treating needs.

For the fashion-forward villain lover, Evil Queen-inspired apparel abounds along with a poison apple mug and home décor.

Photo from ShopDisney.com

And, of course, Halloween – or Christmas – wouldn’t be the same without everyone’s favorite Pumpkin King getting some love. Disney offers Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise and souvenirs year-round, but this Halloween season has seen some new items to add to the mix.

This pullover hoodie is one of my new favorites because I love an all-over print, and you get to see the range of Jack Skellington’s emotions, which is so fun.

There is also a new pair of Mickey Mouse ears featuring Jack on one ear and Oogie Boogie on the other. These items join the array of T-shirts, MagicBands, pins, Christmas ornaments, other decorations and on and on and on available at Disney Parks right now.

When it comes to Disney merchandise, I’m partial to items that come directly from a Park ride, event, special event and more. I love the movies, but my heart is really in the parks, so items that represent special park things are my favorites.

Of course, this next item’s origins are not the parks, but if you’ve been to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party over the years, and been in the right place at the right time, you’ve seen something amazing – The Headless Horseman making his late-night ride through the streets of Magic Kingdom looking for a head. This combination mug and candle holder are an awesome representation of his plight. They work side by side or you can set the pumpkin on top as a head! I might just need this this year!

Disney The Headless Horseman candle and mug set

These Halloween items are getting me in the spooky spirit – it may be time to decorate for this season at home even though it’s still summer! I love Halloween and all the fun things it brings, and pretty much all of my Halloween decorations are Disney.

There are so many more fun items to explore at Disney Parks and at the Halloween Shop at Shop Disney. What’s your favorite Halloween item from this year or any year? I’d love to know!